IC Mask Design Announces Expansion Plans

In a recent interview with Enterprise Ireland’s Irish Advantage, IC Mask Design’s CEO Fergal Brosnan and CTO Ciaran Whyte discuss IC Mask Design’s expansion plans. “IC Mask Design was founded in 2002 and operates out of premises in Limerick, Maynooth and Milan with plans to expand to Cambridge in the coming months.‘We have always concentrated on leading-edge technologies,’ says Fergal Brosnan, co-founder and CEO. ‘We have to be ahead of the curve in terms of technological expertise and innovation, drawing on the expertise of our highly qualified and experienced engineers in servicing the needs of the world’s leading manufacturing companies.

‘In recent years the level of demand on our skills has increased dramatically as technologies have transitioned to different and more complex nodes, while the scale of products being manufactured has also increased greatly. So innovation is a key factor in everything we do. At the same time costs have increased dramatically, so that it can cost millions to manufacture a new chip.

But while the footprint of chips may be getting smaller, there is always the challenge to deliver greatly increased functionality, with a focus now on large-scale application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) – setting new and exciting challenges for our layout engineers.’

Click here for the full interview with Irish Advantage: https://irishadvantage.com/success-stories/ic-mask-design-combining-innovation-and-unrivalled-engineering-knowledge/

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