IC Mask Design Open New Italian Office

IC Mask Design are excited to announce that due to a steady growth in demand over the last few years, we are now expanding and opening a new office in Regus Viale E. Forlanini, 23, 20134 Milano, Italy.

IC Mask Design services fall into two broad categories – the first being Integrated Circuit (IC) Layout Design and the second being highly specialised Layout Training Courses, these courses range from an Introduction to Analog Layout to Fin Field-Effect Transistor (FinFET) Layout Techniques.

The new Milan office will be an extension of the comprehensive Outsourcing Services that IC Mask provides for semiconductor companies when they experience an IC layout skills shortage or an unexpected increase in demand. In those situations IC Mask Design works with the customer to complete projects to the highest standards – on time and within budget. All outsourced work is guaranteed by the company and is underwritten by a depth of experience in every leading technology node, foundry and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools. IC Mask Design’s customers value the peace of mind they get from knowing IC Mask Design can take care of everything from block level analog layout through to tapeout to total project management.

‘In recent years the level of demand for our skills has increased dramatically’ says Fergal Brosnan, Co-founder and CEO. ‘technologies have transitioned to different and more complex nodes, while the scale of products being manufactured having also increased. Innovation is a key factor in everything we do because while the footprint of chips may be getting smaller, there is always the challenge to deliver greatly increased functionality, with a focus now on large-scale application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) – setting new and exciting challenges for our Layout Engineers.’

By remaining at the cutting edge of innovation within its specialist field, IC Mask Design now serves a worldwide customer base spanning Europe and the United States. Over the past eighteen years IC Mask Design has worked with most of the top ten global semiconductor corporations and has helped over 200 technology companies in 35 countries. The new Milan office will be a key component in serving existing and new markets for IC Mask Design.

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